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Client Success Story - Belinda

Client Success Story – Belinda

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Client Success Story – Cheryl

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Client Success Story – Elaine

Client Success Story - Judy

Client Success Story – Judy


“I was training for my very first half marathon and found as my running distance increased so did the pain in my knees, to the point I was worried I would not be able to cross the finish line. I tried other forms of treatment which gave me some relief but did not alleviate the pain completely.  I had nothing to lose and decided to something different, Muscle Activation Techniques.  After only a couple of sessions with Sheena and MAT, I experienced less pain as a result of my treatments, not only in my knees but my back and neck as well! Sheena introduced me to the biomechanics of gait and how the body moves, I am now much more confident in my distance training.  As Sheena said every session, her job was to make me more stable and not treat the pain.   With the help of my treatments, I was able to cross the finish line at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, my goal was achieved! I will be using MAT to help me get through my next half marathon in June, thank you Sheena and MAT!”

– Sarah H – Recreational Runner


“Sheena introduced MAT to me about a year ago and it has been amazing. She explained to me that my body had been compensating for the weaker muscles and worn down the stronger muscles. Sheena did a complete overall body assessment to find out where my weaker muscles were and did MAT treatments on those muscles.  She essentially ‘woke up’ my muscles so they would start working.  Immediately after each treatment I notice a difference.  Because of MAT I am a more efficient runner and I am able to prevent most injuries.

Sheena also provides me with isometric exercises that I can do at home, in between treatments, to strengthen and encourage my lazy muscles to ‘wake up’ and start working.  I encourage everyone to try MAT!  It really works!!”

– Joelle C


“I started personal training sessions with Sheena just over a month ago and in this past month she has giving me a new sense of hope and belief, that anything is possible with a little bit of motivation and confidence. Sheena is someone who genuinely cares about you and your success. It is nice to have someone on your side that has been where you are and knows how hard it can be, but is proof that anything is possible if you stick your mind to it and don’t give up. She makes our session fun and interesting she is someone you can connect to as a friend and will be lifelong support.”

– Rose D


“I have known Sheena Denscombe for almost 3 years now and she has provided me with Personal Training and MAT sessions.

Sheena is extremely enthusiastic in her approach to fitness and wellness and has a very engaging personality. Her abundance of knowledge in the areas with which she works is so comforting. Sheena is a very supportive, encouraging and caring individual which I find to be extremely important when working closely with a trainer/therapist. Each time I meet with Sheena I feel as though I am leaving with confidence and information regarding our session. She is very clear on the work she will be doing and ensuring that I understand.”

– Jamie D


“Caring – Sheena is always willing to listen, give you a hug if you need one and some very good and sensible advice.

Witty – Sheena is witty and fun to be with, again I would go back to being caring as really really enjoy talking to her

Pleasant – Sheena is great to be around with, she makes you feel very confident about yourself …. “YOU CAN DO IT” is one thing I always get from her and makes me feel I am totally capable to doing the impossible like climbing the tallest mountain in the world, if I have Sheena to Coach me through it.

I love her personality, her ability to make people feel comfortable and the ease with which she can make you do anything………”

– Nargis S


“Caring- Sheena took a real interest in women who are a little older.  We are a special group because of a history of injuries in our life and she designed our programs with thoughtfulness, how to make adjustments for injuries, watching to make sure we were doing our exercise with proper alignment and giving us a pat on the back when needed.  I have improved my fitness in many ways.  I am more limber, I feel stronger, have more endurance and my joints are less troublesome. Thanks for taking the interest in us!

Knowledgeable – Sheena has given me so much in terms of understanding exercise and how good body mechanics while exercising can prevent injuries.  She has a wealth of knowledge that is imparted in all of the sessions that I have taken.  She weaves her knowledge of Muscle Activation Techniques, running, cycling and personal training to another level and has helped me improve my overall fitness, and maintain it.  I know I am in good hands.

Fun- Sheena makes exercising fun and helps us maintain a sense of humour when the going gets a little tough.  I do feel relaxed when exercising with Sheena because she can relate to some of the issues we all have and I feel she really understands what we are going through from her own personal experience.”

 – Gail L


“I first met Sheena two years ago after my best friend convinced me to “try” a free training session with Sheena and see if I liked the service she was providing.  It was a plutonic love at first session.  Sheena helped me to set goals in regards to my health and fitness and I continue to set new goals and achieve these goals with her help.  Sheena is a trainer that motivates through humour in a relaxed and safe environment.

The first year of our training I wanted to get back into the favourite jeans, feel healthier and have increased energy levels.  Well, I was able to do just that and in that year I was able to fit back into my favourite jeans, my energy levels returned and I competed in my first marathon where I shaved 15 minutes off my best times.

This year my goals with Sheena have changed.  For a long time I warned Sheena (I think sometimes she thought I was joking) that I did not want bigger arms or a bigger neck, I needed to be leaner, this always made Sheena laugh and our training sessions that much more fun and enjoyable.  This year I have decided that I wanted to build muscle and achieve bigger arms and a nicer back!  I don’t think anyone was happier about my new goals then Sheena, we had managed to lose most of the fat, I was lean and now ready to build muscle.  The results are already showing and I am more comfortable now on the beach then I have been in years, I know this sounds like a cookie cutter testimonial but it is the truth!

Working with Sheena has been a very positive and powerful experience.  Sheena’s high energy and positive attitude is infectious and there is nothing better than getting up at 6 am to meet her.  It is never a chore, and I never want to miss a session.  Sheena is encouraging and always looking for new ways to train people.  In two years I have NEVER done the same workout twice, and I train 3 days a week!  always a surprise and always fresh.  Sheena is a powerful motivator as professional trainer and as an informal life coach.”

Cody McDonald


June 4, 2008

“Bikini Boot Camp has had the pleasure of working with Sheena for the past 2 years!  Her dedication to her clients and the company has made her a valued Bikini Boot Camp team member.  In her short time with us she has gained admiration and respect from both her colleagues and her participants and has gained a strong following as a trainer.  Sheena has gone above and beyond our expectations of her as a trainer.  She exudes what we stand for as a company and has been a delight to work with.”
Lindsay Nealon, DC